A Short Description About The Hundreds and Where to Purchase Their Products

The Hundred Clothing was started back in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar. Their taste in culture influenced the clothing they designed, meaning it was infused by punk, themes, as well as those of hip-hop, surfing and skateboarding.

Nowadays, the Hundreds brand is sold from their website as well as four of their own stores across the United States. Other retailers sell their merchandise as well. This merchandise now includes shoes, tops and bottoms, bags, belts, stickers, sunglasses and more.

While they have their own website, The Hundreds on sale can also be found at other reputable retailers. Sometimes merchandise can even be purchased at a lower cost than from the company site.

So if you find the product you want on their website, it might be a good idea to do a quick search and find who else is selling it and for how much. As long as their website has a return policy and a valid payment method, you should consider them a viable option.

The only time it’s advisable to be careful is when you’re purchasing shoes. When it comes to footwear, sizes can vary across brands, so you’ll want to be sure you find a local store you can try them on at first. Provided the size fits, it makes sense to order them from whoever gives you the lowest price.


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