Best Cheap vs Expensive Hearing Aids 2021

Here are 2 brands, a cheap affordable hearing device and a more expensive device both have pros and cons. It is advisable to read and explore both brands and make your decision based on what is best for your needs.

#1 priced under $200

Visit the Hue Hearing website to learn more about this amazing little hearing aid that fits into your ear, it is discreet as well as comfortable. The website is very informative from the device statistics to numerous reviews from happy customers.


No hearing test is necessary Hue Hearing Aids are preprogrammed for the most common hearing loss issues.

Several different size earbuds are included to ensure that you will find your size.

Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears has manufactured a device that can mask the ringing by enhancing the sounds around you.

Costs are kept low because there is no need for the middleman, no expensive appointments you can fit and adjust the device yourself to suit your hearing needs.


Batteries are not rechargeable.

#2 Eargo priced over $1000

Eargo are small buds that are worn inside the canal and are almost invisible. They are specially designed for people with mild to moderate hearing difficulties. The website is informative, and the device can be ordered online.


There is no need to go for an appointment to fit the device which comes with 4 different hearing profiles which only need to be tapped to change.

Rechargeable batteries allow for recharging every 4 to 5 days.

The sound quality is of a very high standard.

The fit of the earbuds although not customized they are comfortable and adapt to the shape of the ear canal.


Found it difficult to manage noisy environments the audio became unclear.

There is a difference in price and because of that it would be worth your while to read more about what customers are saying at HueHearing Reviews