Clay Ryan Real Estate Broker in Houston

Review submitted by Janet J.


Last spring we were searching for a new home in Houston and every interaction we had with Clay was sketchy to say the least!

Encounter #1.  My wife and found a cute little home in NW Houston together with our legitimate realtor, which happened to be listed by Clay.  After our offer was accepted, we proceeded to the home inspection.  That morning it was raining.  We could not get into the house.  It was locked from the inside.  Finally a man opened the door and said he wouldn’t let us in without Clay- and he slammed the door in our realtor’s face!  After waiting an HOUR Clay showed up and we discovered that the man was patching up a leak in the ceiling.  He was blow-drying the ceiling and the wall.  Clay was trying to cover up that there was a leak.  Eventually we backed out of the deal – our inspector found lots of problems (and yes, the entire roof would need to be replaced).  Had it not been raining we would never had known since Clay and the sellers listed no issues with the roof.

Encounter #2.  Couple months later we came across another Clay house.  We were hesitant to even look at it – but our realtor felt this one seemed legit.  Turned out to be another cute little house in NW Houston and we threw in another offer.  This time we were promised that we were the first backup offer.  Clay then started calling our agent when the original offer looked like it was going to fall through, asking if we were still interested.  Of course we were.  Then suddenly all contact stopped and the house sold.  Turns out the first offer did fall through and Clay turned around and sold the house to another buyer:  HIS OWN CLIENT!  The house sold for much LESS than our offer!!  The poor sellers had no idea that Clay had worked the system so he could get DOUBLE COMMISSION.


Thankfully our legitimate agent got us a great house from a fantastic seller.  It’s nice to know there are some people out there who are NOT like Clay.