Im sure you have heard the terms google killer over and over again. This time that phrase is being used to describe Cuil a search engine designed and built by a former google alumni. Now according to those who have beta tested it, cuil produces some very interesting results. While the results are these most important thing, Cuils claim to fame is that they have the largest number of indexed pages in the world. Now that is no mean feat however most people would argue that quality trumps quantity any day.

Having used the search engine a few times now as part of the testing effort, i can tell you that it is not going to be a google killer, at least not in its current form. But much like google was in its early days it will grow and as kinks are ironed out and search engine results are improved, it will grow.

I am also led to believe by insiders at both google and cuil that the term google killer was actually pushed by google itself. Why you might ask, well apparently there is impending anti-trust action against google and while they have a monopoly on search traffic and advertising, they are looking to play up the fact that the dominance they currently enjoy is just a single new search engine launch away. While i might agree with that assesment of how easy it can be for a giant to fall in this interenet driven age, cuil is definitely not that search engine.

UPDATE: Cuil has launched, go give it a go for yourself.

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