Filtered Out for Freshness

Protect your home and your family from the health hazards of air pollution today. From particulate emissions responsible for photochemical smog, to seasonal allergy-causing pollen and hay, air pollution is a year-round hazard that both you and your family are better off without. Act today and save yourself and your household a fortune in yearly hospital and healthcare expenses by upgrading your home’s air filters.

By choosing to switch out your current air filters and buying a new, high-performance replacement furnace filter not only are you renewing the performance of your home’s furnace and HVAC system, you are also taking an active step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of you and your family. Choosing a high-performance replacement furnace filter may seem like an expensive ordeal at first, with many high-performance replacements costing a little more than ordinary filters, but it is a worthwhile invest that will help keep you and your family in good health longer. What makes high-performance filter media special is that many of them incorporate special synthetic media charged with static electricity that attract the pollutants into the filter media, ensuring that they stay within the filter, and not into the stream of air. Also, high-performance media incorporates finer filter media to ensure that microscopic contaminants do not get past the filter panel, instead, staying trapped within the high-performance synthetic media. Upgrading to this new technology media isn’t as hard as you think; it is only a matter of selecting the proper sized replacement filter panel or cartridge and dropping it into your system, making the change quick, and easy.