Frozen Yogurt Cups Can Add Much to a Shop’s Ambience

The two most important parts of customer care for a gelato, ice cream, or frozen yogurt shop are bowls (or cups) and spoons. Without ice cream spoons, how will your customers enjoy their frozen treat? With the basic, simple cups and spoons your customers can thoroughly enjoy their ice cream or frozen yogurt. What if the cups and spoons could be different colors? You can effortlessly add character to your shop that matches the décor and ambiance you want.

It’s surprising how much different parts of your shop’s ambience affect your customers. Studies have been conducted to research this very thing, and the results are surprising. Such factors as lighting, sounds, smells, and colors alter whether a person will eat. If they decide they want to eat something, it also affects what they will choose to eat. Something as simple as color or design can have a huge impact on your customers, so it is a good idea to consider what is best for your shop’s clientele. For example: if you own a frozen yogurt shop that caters to children, you would want to choose frozen yogurt cups and spoons with bright, happy colors. If you own a gelateria located near a college and are trying to draw the students, you want to consider a more simple color palette for your cups and spoons; perhaps only one or two colors that match your shop’s overall color scheme.

Once you have considered the colors that you desire for your shop, you have different shapes to choose from. Different types include simple paper cups and different plastic styles that range from simple to more elaborate. Again, choosing the right shape to match your décor is going to make a difference to your customers.

Luckily you can find different styles of cups and spoons on the internet. They are inexpensive, but not to the detriment of good quality. You can choose different solid colors for your cups and spoons, or just one. Simple white is, of course, always an option. If you want to make a great impression – especially if you are a small business – is to customize your cups to display your logo.

Everything about your shop – whether you own a gelato, frozen yogurt, or ice cream shop – adds or detracts from the overall appeal and ambiance. Choosing the right colors and shapes of something as simple as the cups and spoons can be a part of what makes your store unique and enjoyable.