How to get to know your neighbors before you buy

Article Submitted By – Jerry Armen

jerry armen

If you are looking at buying an empty house in a neighborhood you should get all kinds of great insight from talking to the neighbors. Remember that an empty house puts strain on homeowners in any neighborhood. If the house is occupied, keep in mind that neighbors might be friends of the home owner, so you are unlikely to get any objective information out of them.

When you do have the ear of someone in the neighborhood, ask about the noise levels, traffic patterns, schools, public services, and crime. Then move on to questions about the specific house and the owner. Ask the neighbor why the house is being sold and how ling the current owner has had it. Ask about who lived there, for how long, and any strange behavior. You will be surprised at what you can learn.

Listen closely to their attitudes, because this neighbor will be your neighbor, should you purchase the house. Is this the kind of person you want to live near? If they live adjacent to the house, ask who has responsibility to maintain shared driveways, trees, walls, sidewalks and any other common items. The official documents might not reveal the actual expectations. If you move in and have to refer to an official document to convince your neighbor to do his share, you most likely will have to live next to a disgruntled neighbor the rest of your time in the house.

Take the time to know your neighbors in order to make an informed decision before you buy a house.