How to prevent negative reviews

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Pleasing every customer is often at the heart of every business. But in reality, businesses like the people who run them, are not perfect. There will be times when an employee does not respond as they should or when deliveries are not received on time. However, businesses can use the following strategies to minimize negative reviews.

Shop at your store – Business owners and employees should be encouraged to shop in-store and online to understand how customers are treated. Regularly testing a business’s processes will help to tailor practices to better suit customer needs.

Be reachable – Being accessible will provide the customer with a contact person to reach for clarification and complaints. A customer service hotline that can be easily accessed, can open communication lines, and reduce the need to write an online review.

Respond fast – Once a customer complains they will be expecting the company to respond quickly. It is best to provide a customer with a resolution within 24-hours. Once a customer’s issue is resolved they will be less inclined to write a negative review.

Offer personal replies – Personal replies will make the customer feel like their problem is important and being taken seriously.

Encourage reviews – Actively ask each customer to leave a review following a purchase. More positive reviews will build trust and transparency for new customers researching the business.

Although, eliminating negative reviews is impossible, reducing negative reviews is a realistic and achievable way of successfully running a business.

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