How to protect a business’s online reputation and why it matters

Modern customers make it a habit to check a business online before they consider making a purchase. Which makes a business’s online reputation key to business growth. Creating a strong online reputation can involve some of the following:

Make it a habit to Google your business – Googling a business can help a business understand the brand’s weaknesses and strengths. If initial search results show negative posts and reviews, these links must be addressed as quickly as possible. This will involve contacting the site administrator to remove the links or generating good content that pushes the negative post further down the search result.

Use alerts – Setting up Google alerts will help to notify the business as soon as it is mentioned online. Alerts help by providing the business with more time to rectify a negative review or post before it is viewed and shared. Additionally, private review websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor can offer businesses a platform to address complaints quickly with ease, while providing customers with a location to post their views.

Have a plan before posting – Sharing content should always align with the business’s reputation, identity, and business plan. This will involve creating content well in advance and posting them according to a pre-approved plan. Not only does this improve the quality of posts, but it can also create a brand identity that can help customers recognize the brand over their competitors.

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