How to stop fearing the dentist

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Fearing dental visits is common as some dental treatments can be invasive. The right dental team can ease many people’s nerves and provide emotional support to patients with dental anxiety. The best way to reduce dental anxiety is to maintain at least 2 dental visits a year which helps to address dental concerns early.

The following tips can help patients manage their dental anxiety.

Speak up – Speaking about dental anxiety to family, friends, or your dentist can help to ease a person’s dental concerns. Often dentists can ease a patient’s mind by offering medication or treatment options that are non-invasive. Additionally, ask your dentist to explain the procedure before your visit to help you manage your expectations.

Distract yourself – Wearing headphones and listening to your favorite tunes can help to distract your thoughts. Some patients may also find squeezing a stress ball comforting.

Mindfulness techniques – Breathing exercises can help to reduce muscle tension while helping to manage negative thoughts.

Make your dental visits regular – Skipping bi-annual dental visits can make a person feel apprehensive as they may fear the worst. Instead, book a dental appointment every 6 months so that clean-ups and cavities can be addressed before they require extensive treatment.

Treat yourself – If you completed your dental visit, treat yourself to a spa day or meet a friend for coffee. Changing how dental visits are associated in your brain can help to reduce anxious thoughts on your next visit. 

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