LA Crime

Article written by HomeAndGardensBlog

Yesterday for lunch, the Jack In The Box down the street was calling my name. I decided to give in to the temptation and treat myself to a quick lunch before picking up the kids from school.

As I left I set the home security alarm and began the short walk the 2 blocks to the restaurant. When I arrived the lunch crowd was long gone, but there were still a few people in line to have their lunch. It did take several minutes for me to get to the cashier to order my food. I did not recieve a greeting, but she did thank me after my order. I also had to ask twice for my drink cup!*

I ordered a Big Cheeseburger and a small order of curly fries. The food was hot and fresh, and good! I wished I had ordered a larger fry, but I made do with the small. The Big Cheeseburger contains two different cheeses. They were both melted beautifully on a freshly cooked meat patty and a fresh seeded bun. Even the fries were cooked to perfection. It was a great meal that was cheap and more than enough to fill my stomach until dinner.

While I would have liked a friendly cashier and a bit speedier service, the food was good enough to make me forget all of the other stuff. I enjoyed my lunch and look forward to another tasty meal soon.