Power on the Go

Running your own aviation outfit is a challenging matter. From getting every landing gear in perfect working order, to making sure each of your aircraft’s engines are running in tip top shape, no expense can be spared in making sure that everything is running perfect. When maximum productivity and maximum uptime are of utmost concern, it is very easy to glaze over a few small details of your outfit, and sometimes, these can lead to disastrous delays, costing you time and money.

Be prepared for everything with your own portable power supply and have starting power ready within reach to avoid delays and lost profit. Alternatively, you can have even more starting power on hand with the help of a ground power unit an even bigger, more robust power supply that can handle even bigger starting loads, ensuring that every single craft in your fleet can be ready with a moment’s notice. These new power supplies operate on Lithium or lead Acid batteries and supply strong, clean power needed to start your personal aircraft and other aviation aircraft. With a built-in power regulator, and smart charging circuit, you can just plug in your power unit and have it ready anytime you need it, without having to worry about overcharging or damage to expensive battery packs, or worse, a blown ground power unit. With a powerful starting supply current, a good ground power unit can start even big multi prop-plane motors with ease, quickly and safely.