What to Do Before You Go Through the House Hunting Process

Author Bio: Guest post is submitted by Jerry Armen.  He is a leading realtor in Glendale, CA.  Browse the AboutUs of  Jerry Armen for more information.  

Before you even start the house hunting process, it’s important to prepare yourself.  One crucial thing to do is to be completely aware of your financial state.  You should know your credit score so that you know what type of bank loans you will qualify for.  There are many great and easy ways to check your credit score online with websites such as www.creditseasame.com.

It’s also important to know your liabilities and assets.  You should be completely aware of all of your inflow and outflow.  Before even setting up an appointment with a real estate agent, have important information on hand, such as a list of all the various financial obligations you have.

Selecting a real estate agent should not be a rash decision.  Do not select a real estate agent without interviewing multiple people first.  Your real estate agent can either make or break deals and negotiations.  Be sure to ask them a lot of questions concerning their level of experience, what type of real estate they specialize in, and any other questions that you have for them.  You should select someone who is at least moderately familiar with the area that you’re looking to live in as well.  Trust your intuition and you will know when you’ve found the right fit.

Another tip, before you start browsing neighborhoods, is to make a list of all of the qualities that you’re looking for in your future home.  While you may not get every single thing on the list, this “wish list” can help to guide the process and is a good way to inform your real estate agent on what you desire.  If you don’t have a clear idea on what you’re looking for, neither will your agent.