What to Look For in Outdoor Cushions

Whether it’s on your patio, a deck, your boat or an RV, it’s great having comfortable furniture you can enjoy outdoors. Many people would much rather sit outside and take in the theater of nature than sit in a dark room and stare at the television. This is especially true if you’re talking about sitting behind the wheel of an RV and taking in all our country has to offer or taking it easy on a boat and listening to the sounds of the lake lap against it.

However, it’s important not to take your comfort for granted. The moment you do, you find yourself no longer comfortable and the joy of sitting outside can quickly become a burden. All of a sudden that dark room and cable don’t sound so bad.

While you’ll want to regularly clean your cushions and cover them when not in use, chances are that eventually they’ll need replacing. This is a great opportunity to upgrade them to something more comfortable.

Look for dryfast foam in any cushions you’re considering for your outdoors. When it comes to outdoor foam replacement, you can’t trust anything but the dryfast variety. That’s because these cushions won’t retain water like other forms of foam will. Water retention leads to mildew which is difficult to clean off and will leave a horrible smell no one will want to be around.


Article submitted by The Foam Factory. The company sells all manner of custom cushion alternatives that are both functional and extremely comfortable to use.