Where to get best financing on furniture

Ready to buy a room full of new furniture? Maybe you just need a couch or recliner. Check out these picks below.

Fingerhut-This online store has been around a long time. They often give credit to those who might not qualify at other stores. The quality of their furniture is not as high as it would be at other places so watch for that.

Living Room | Furniture Department – Curacao (icuracao.com)-This store has a wide range of furniture for every room. They also sell appliances such as washers and dryers. It’s easy to apply for credit and many people are approved.

Amazon.com: Lifestyle Solutions Wen Austin Curved-Arm Sofa Dark Grey: Furniture & Decor-You may not think of Amazon for furniture but they do sell couches, chairs, tables and such. It’s important to watch and be careful about who the manufacturer is whether there’s a guarantee. You’ll need a pretty good credit score to get approved.

Affordable Furniture Store: Home Furniture for Less Online (roomstogo.com)-This furniture store specializes in selling entire rooms such as everything you’d need in a living room. Their prices can be affordable but the quality may not be there. This type of furniture won’t last for a long time but can be a short-term solution.

Recliners | Wayfair-This online store has a pretty good selection of furniture and they have good reviews. They usually ship everything for free, so that’s a win. Getting credit can be challenging and you’ll need a pretty good credit score to get an account here.

Tips for success

Remember that each time you apply for credit, it does put a ding on your credit report so be selective when moving forward. If you know that your credit isn’t great, then go with a store like Curacao where you can be almost certain of getting approval. Furniture financing at Curacao shouldn’t be a problem.