Why Should The San Juan Islands Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

The San Juan Islands are some of the most magnificent-looking islands on this planet. San Juan PM has provided reasons why the San Juan Islands should be your next holiday destination!

A stunning 172 islands—some of which are only visible at extremely low tides—and more than 300 miles of shoreline make up the San Juan Island Archipelago. The three major islands are all distinct geographically: Lopez is the flattest and best for cycling, Orcas is the tallest, and San Juan Island combines all.

The shorelines provide clusters of bull kelp, tangles of cedar, madrona, and driftwood, as well as sandy, coarse texture, and rugged beaches. Deep harbors offer ideal mooring for sailboats and larger yachts, while shallow harbors give a safe haven for shallow draft vessels like kayaks and small motorboats. Simply examine your charts to see which ones will work best for you.

The orca pods that live on the islands are well-known. Here are songs performed by Orca live. In addition to the three resident pods that hunt salmon, there are also some migrant orcas that come to hunt harbor seals. The River otter, Steller sea lions, Common minke whales, Dall’s porpoise, and various cetaceans and crustaceans are examples of other marine mammals. The adventures can start now!

The months of April through October are the ideal times to explore the San Juan Islands. The warmest and busiest travel seasons are in July and August. The peak price periods are also throughout the summer. Knowing which San Juan Island vacation rental to choose is key to ensuring you have the best holiday that you can have!