Amazing Amazon Rainforest Facts

Written by Phin Upham,

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. The wealth of living flora and fauna are an amazing sight to behold. The region gets its name from the female warriors of Greek mythology, after Francisco de Orellana went to war with the tribes and noticed their females fought alongside the males. There are many other amazing things to learn about the rainforest.


Much of the medicine that modern society relies upon, including anesthetics and treatments for muscular disorders, comes from the Amazon. As if that’s not amazing enough, scientists have only tested about one-percent of the plant life for medicinal viability. There are more than forty-thousand plant species found in the region, so there may be a cure for everything in the forest.


The Amazon rainforest houses over two-million insects and forty-thousand species of plants. This quantity of living things requires an immense space, over five million square kilometers by some estimates. The rainforest is so expansive that it flourishes in nine different countries.


The canopy is where most of the plant and animal life resides, with a great portion of that life found in the upper portion of the trees. The Amazon canopy is one of the most active regions on the planet, but there is very little sunlight to be found on the ground floor. The canopy is so thick that it can take up to ten minutes for water to reach the earth during a rain storm.

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