Cincinnati Uses Creative Video Production to Woo Google Fiber Test

Cities all over the country are trying to become a test city for Google’s
new fiber optic network, which would potentially bring Internet services that
are 100 times faster than currently available. Cincinnati is one such city,
and the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the city has turned to a company
that does video production in Cincinnati for help.

Get Sick Productions, a six-month old Cincinnati firm, has put together an
infomercial production currently available on its Web site and YouTube that
uses humor to make the case for Cincinnati to become a test market. It involves
a group of people trying to decide how to best make the case for Google to come
to the city, with them throwing out unusual and occasionally risqué ideas.

“We wanted to do something humorous but that had a point, and basically
we had five days to conceive and shoot it,” said Get Sick president Jon
Miller of the video production.

Several other cities have gone to extreme lengths to woo Google, Miller said.
For example, Topeka, Kan. temporarily changed its name to “Google, Kan.”
as a publicity stunt. However, Miller said he wanted the creative video production
— done at the behest of the city’s mayor — to speak to actual reasons
why Cincinnati deserves to be a test city.

“We think Cincinnati is a city of innovation, and we think both Google
and Cincinnati would both benefit from a partner here,” he said.

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