Differential pressure measurements in extreme conditions

Under the most extreme conditions, it can be difficult to get correct pressure readings. These conditions can include high levels of pressure, extreme amounts of shock and vibration and very cold and hot temperatures. So when looking for a differential pressure transducer in extreme conditions for uses in the chemical, food or aerospace industries, it’s important to have one that is rugged and dependable.

This can be especially difficult in conditions where space is limited. Installing a hydraulic pressure transducer into tight quarters to run the controls of armored vehicles or airplanes can be extremely difficult. Many people will opt for a custom pressure transducer that is specifically designed to fit the tight space.

Another option is to buy a transducer that has built-in electronics, which eliminates the need for additional transducers and amplifying units. Leading suppliers such as Paine Electronics offer transducers that can save you valuable space while performing under extreme conditions.

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