Focusing on Abundance in your Life

Article by Zhang Xinyue

We are all sometimes guilty of thinking that having money and material possessions will make us happy. However, this has proven over and over to be wrong. Creating abundance in your life is all about moving past material possessions and developing a stronger character.

We must look for peace within ourselves and not think that this will come because we have a better house, car, clothes or jewelry. Sometimes money can prevent us from developing our inner strengths.

love, or a wildly successful career and become convinced that those things will “fix” everything, you’ll lose sight of the bigger picture of abundance.

Abundance that concentrates on one thing is destined to create discontent and disappointment.

You must look at every aspect of your life. Pursuing money without bringing the consciousness of abundance to everything in your life will be a fleeting and empty experience. Everything is connected to everything else, so just making loads of money or finding love won’t bring you abundance in the true sense of the word.

To understand abundance and how it can be yours, you have to grasp how the mindset of lack may be playing a role in your life. Lack is the mentality that there’s a shortage or scarcity of good things in life, and then you create fear around that idea. Operating from a place of lack skews the truth of abundance in life and colors your perspective toward hopelessness and futility. Begin to identify how your own fearful thoughts, actions, and behavior may be driven by a belief that says “there’s not enough for me.” Change that belief system and your actions and behavior will follow.

Authentic abundance comes when you have balanced everything in your life, as best as you can. That includes giving away what you have too much of. If you have a lot of love but not enough money, what should you give away? Love. Do you have more money than other things in life? Give away some money! It takes courage and love to give AND to receive. It is all about balance. The things that you want in your life, you must first give away. If you give more hugs, you will get more kisses! You have to break the fear—that is what is causing the lack. Self-sabotage happens when you have too much of something and you become complacent, disconnected, and, sometimes, even greedy.

When you look at abundance with new meaning and discover it inside yourself, there’s no limitation on the extraordinary life that you can experience.

Abundance Meaning – The Spiritual Meaning of Being Abundant

do not love money and wealth, nor have a mindset of living abundantly, you will not be able to attract and keep any wealth. The inner status will serve you with energy and passion to build your wealth. And then you are free to do something meaningful with it. The easiest way to increase your inner status is with abundance meditations.

The Meaning of an Abundant Mind

A person with an abundant mind can see through other people’s eyes. Seeing and understand the situation and world from different perspectives enables us to overcome the limitation of individual truth and to become a conscious entrepreneur. Due to that, you always have the freedom of choice.

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