How to Purchase New Seat Cushions

We never pay much attention to our seat cushions but they can get old just like other furniture does. The problem with foam seat cushions is that the foam will get aged after a period of time. Sometimes the foam can fall apart or get a funny odor. But don’t despair because replacing your seat cushions is really not hard to do or expensive.

The first thing you will want to do is make a note about how many new seat cushions you need. Be sure to record their size. You can save money by reusing the same covers on your cushions and simply replacing the insides. It is important to get the size right so it will fit into the cover properly.

Now that you have a list of the cushions that you need and their size, you must decide on what type of foam to get. Foam rubber is now available in various types:

Convoluted phone

Memory foam

Latex foam

Conventional foam

Eggcrate foam

If you need new covers for your seat cushions, these are easy to make. If you have a sewing machine, the process is so simple. You cut the top and bottom carefully so they’re the perfect size adding just a half inch for seams. Then you cut the four sides of the cushion. Sew the sides to the top piece, then lay it on the bottom piece so that opposite sides of the fabric are facing. Most types of foam are easy to cut to the right size. You’ll love your new seat cushions.