Resin wicker furniture: A modern innovation

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, wicker furniture has been weaved from natural materials such as rattan, reeds, and cane. However, the modern age has also brought new techniques, innovations, and materials for making wicker furniture. Today, synthetic wicker is constructed from materials such as resin, which possesses many properties that improve on natural wicker’s shortcomings.

Wicker is known for looking elegant and appealing both indoors and outdoors, especially when juxtaposed with nature or nature-inspired design elements. However, nature isn’t always friendly to natural wicker, especially in torrid or stormy weather. Outdoor wicker furniture is usually made from resin, because of how much better it is at resisting the elements.

The resin in the furniture is usually synthesized from materials such as polyethylene and is naturally resistant to moisture and heat. Resin furniture is also often given an additional UV light treatment to protect from the sun’s rays. In contrast, natural wicker can expand and lose its shape and durability if it is soaked or exposed to the sun. Mold and mildew might also be a problem when dealing with natural furniture, while resin’s moisture-resistant nature protects it from fungi. Because the resin is resistant to absorbing liquid, it is also easy to clean and maintain, as you can rinse or wash it without its structure being weakened.

It is also worth mentioning that natural wicker furniture is more expensive than resin wicker furniture, since natural wicker tends to be handcrafted and made from materials that are harder to obtain. Resin wicker may not be as meticulously crafted, but it provides you with many of the same benefits as natural wicker at a lower price. It still carries the same natural, rustic look, and it is still lightweight and easy to move. Furthermore, resin wicker isn’t limited to being used outdoors, as it looks just as fashionable in a living room as it does on a patio.

From this, we see that there seem to be more pros than cons to choosing resin wicker furniture over natural wicker furniture. However, some might still prefer the craftsmanship of handmade natural wicker and the unique appearance natural materials give the furniture. The decision is yours, but for outdoor furniture, resin is always the superior choice.

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