Services Your Maid Can Provide

When considering a maid service, Westwood residents often wonder what the details are. The term “maid” can be very vague. Can they expect the same service a Brentwood maid service would supply?

With most maid services, there isn’t one set package. Generally it breaks down to like an ala carte menu and you can customize your own package. For example, many people will choose to have all their rooms cleaned when the maid comes. Others, simply want their kitchen done. Still others may only want bathrooms cleaned. Of course, some will want bathrooms and kitchens, but nowhere else—this is generally for people concerned about privacy who still want more public areas looking their best.

The actual details of each package can differ too. You may want simple dusting or you may want all fixtures taken down and hand cleaned. Some homes will have the floors swept, others will have them swept and mopped. It’s really up to you.

Another service to consider is a onetime cleaning. For example, many services will offer a Spring Cleaning special every year. If you’re hosting an event or having family over, you may want to hire a service just to clean the day before.

The services people choose are ultimately based on their unique needs and budget.