Stay Connected with Friends and Family in a Safe and Private Online Gathering Place

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

In an age when keeping in touch with close friends and family means connecting via Facebook and Twitter, it is no surprise that more private, online gathering places would be next.

Although social networking sites such as Facebook make it easy for people to stay connected with groups, these public arenas come with a cost: Users have to deal with friend requests, privacy concerns and newsfeeds inundated with meaningless posts. And when it comes to other forms of online communication such as email, group correspondences are difficult to keep track of and can quickly become confusing.

But what if there was a private, online place to connect with social or family groups without the common annoyances associated with networking sites? This is the ideal behind a new online, group gathering place called YapRooms. This free online service from YapTime makes it possible for family, friends and other social groups to stay connected in a private environment.

There are many benefits to using YapTime YapRooms, including a free membership. Online users can create their own groups and use the space to have discussions, share photos and videos, and plan events using group calendars. Family groups can plan reunions, parties and weddings, while friends can keep in touch based on different social groups or interests.

One of the best things about YapRooms is that it caters to all ages. Everyone from grandparents to kids can use the simple, online service without dealing with complicated privacy settings or receiving friend requests from strangers.

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