Swimming in the Devil’s Swimming Pool

This article was written by Samuel Phineas Upham,

Snopes wrote an article explaining that the so called “Devil’s Swimming Pool” was not a hoax. The website, famous for its thorough research on rumors, found that indeed this swimming pool at the edge of a cliff actually exists. The pool is frequented by thousands of tourists each year, hungry to live life on the edge in this surreal place.

Infinity Pool

An infinity edge pool, or a negative edge pool, creates the illusion that water extends beyond the horizon. The reality, for Victoria Falls at least, is a sharp plunge hundreds of meters. We commonly see these pools in man-made venues like hotels, where the exotic nature of the waterfall is a draw for guests.


Upon jumping into the water, the first sensation one notices is the strong current carrying people to the river’s edge. This can be a disconcerting moment until you realize that your headlong plunge is barred by a small rock wall protecting you.


The effect is only around for a portion of the year, so check with guides first if you plan on taking a dip. The reason for the site has to do with lower levels of water in the river. These bring the rock walls naturally formed in the river closer to the surface, protecting visitors from slipping over the edge.

Sights and Sounds

The river roars, the falls kick up moisture and the effect is gorgeous. Sitting in the pool, you can see plumes of rainbow-colored mist from the falls below. Below you, the jungle is lush and green from the water that simulates 24-hour rainfall. The sight is breath taking.

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