What You Need to Know About Carbs

When you first learned about carbs, you were probably told they were necessary to give your body energy and that was the end of the discussion. You learned that they were essential—especially complex carbs—and you’ve been eating them ever since. And so has everyone else. And perhaps that’s why everyone is so obese these days.

What if the truth is far different? What if carbs weren’t necessarily essential for energy and that the complex kind was actually the worst option available? That would probably be a big surprise, wouldn’t it? It might even anger you a bit.

Well, it turns out there’s a lot to this theory and it makes sense. The first issue is that, yes, complex carbs provide you with fuel, but do you really need all of it? Most of us spend the majority of our days sitting down at desks; we’re simply not expending vast amounts of energy. So when we fill our body up with complex carb fuel, it has no choice but to store it as fat, especially around our guts.

So that’s the first very substantial problem. The other issue is that the sources of complex carbs are generally unnatural—meaning we weren’t designed by evolution to feed on options like bread and oatmeal. That means a lot of these options contain micronutrients that are simply not good for our bodies. Not only are we gaining fat from eating complex carbs, then, we’re also making ourselves basically sick overtime.