What You Need to Know About House Cleaning Companies with Sub-Contractors

While it’s a boon to have your house cleaning in West Hollywood done for you, it can turn into a nightmare if you aren’t careful about scrutinizing which cleaning service meets your needs.

So, here are five things that you need to keep in mind about house cleaning companies with sub-contractors:

#1: Check if the person who comes to your home has both liability insurance as well as a business license. The reason to request for this information is because if damage occurs due to an obvious lack of professionalism in your home, you will have to pay from your pocket if they aren’t insured.

#2: Ask if the cleaner will be paid per job or by the hour. It goes without saying that a house cleaner will complete all the work without spending too much time but keeping quality in mind as well.

#3: Check if you will need to provide written instructions to cleaner.

#4: Check what kind of products cleaners intend to use on surfaces in your home so as to prevent damage

#5: Ask what their policy is if you are unhappy with their service or if you want a different person to clean your home.

It’s is for these reasons that a professional maid service culver city is preferred instead.

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